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Complete Tent Camping Packages

How Do I Rent A Package?

  • Click on one of the package images below.
  • Cost per day depends on rental length.
  • Please select your start location carefully: Bookings must be made from the location you plan to pickup the equipment from. Bookings are NOT interchangeable between locations without special exceptions.
  • One Way Guests: Please carefully select a One Way specific package - limited inventory available.
  • Rentals are per calendar day (Not 24h period or per night): Due to extensive prep and cleaning we are unable to turn over our packages on the same day.

What Is The Package Prep Fee?

This is a one time, fixed cost. It includes overhead cost, administrative cost, inspection, & replenishment of the consumable items in the package. This cost is independent of rental length and ends up being more beneficial for longer bookings.

We do not hide any fees from you. That is why we do not dilute this cost in our daily rental price.

A Complete Camping Package

Every car camping tent package includes all the essentials required for your camping trip:

  • The tent(s)
  • Ground sheet, heavy duty tent pegs and hammer
  • Thick and comfy self-inflating mats (approx. 2" or 5 cm). If you would like a thicker mat, please look at our package add-ons and select the Deluxe mat options

  • Folding chairs, LED lantern/flashlight and large cooler

  • Double-burner propane gas stove incl. 1 propane canister (1 lb, for first few days)
  • Complete camping cooking set (pots & pans, other utensils)
  • Camp kitchen: drinking cups, plates, can opener, cork-screw, salt, pepper
  • Wash basin, cleaning brush, broom, dish liquid, dish towels
  • Hand brush/pan, BBQ lighter, garbage bags, clothes pegs, rope
Please note: The package does not include sleeping bags by default as many people prefer to bring their own. However, you can add them to your package at the time of booking for an additional cost.
Please note: The Backpacker package has a different back-country specific contents list.

Camping Package Add-ons

Quantities and availability may very per rental location. You can add these items to your rental package in our online booking system. Please note that we cannot guarentee last-minute availability.
  • Sleeping Bag, Summer with Liner

  • Sleeping Bag, 3-Season with Liner
  • Large Fleece Blanket
  • Deluxe Sleeping Mats
  • Trekking Backpack
  • Backpacking Stove
  • Shelter Tarp
  • LED Headlamps
  • Camp Hammock
  • Child Carrier Backpack - Canmore only

  • Children's Camp Chair
  • Bath Towels - Vancouver only

  • Pillows
  • Water Jug

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